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  • Roll Up Drum Kit
  • Roll Up Piano
  • Intelligent Piano
  • Music Accessories

  • Dashione

  • Tashitwo
  • Hashithree
  • Design Concept

    Design is the possibility of pursuit of new.
    If lack of invention,
    the design loses its value;
    if lack of creation,
    products lose their lives.

    Design Concept

    Design requires seeking for new,
    unconventional changing and difference,
    otherwise, design will not be called design.

    Design Concept

    Design is not a personal performance,
    designer’s task is not to maintain the status,
    but try his best to change it.

    Custom process

    • Exchange
    • Sign a contract
    • Make plan
    • Open mold
    • Production
    • The inspection


    Shenzhen Konix Technology Co., Ltd is one of the largest silicone flexible keyboard, silicone electronic drum kits and roll up piano producer in china ....

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