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About the use of hand-rolled piano
Apr 10, 2018

With the development of the times, the hand-rolled piano of the most emerging educational products has become more and more popular, and the entire hand-rolled piano market is in full swing. Then, do you need to know the use of hand-rolled pianos directly? You talk about details that need attention.


1. In use, when you press the power switch, the initial state is 001, Piano.


2. When using, please pay attention to whether the hand-rolled piano is in a flat position, whether it is dry, whether there is debris, oil, dirt, etc., it can be used normally when there is no above, so as not to affect the use of hand-rolled piano.


3. When using, be sure to insert the DC plug of the transformer into the DC socket of the main unit. Using other transformers may cause the hand-rolled piano to malfunction.


4. When using, please install the battery correctly. Before installation, check whether the battery is leaking, whether it is dry, whether it is clean, and no dirt stains are attached.


5. When using, if there are many crowds and places with heavy traffic, please bring earphones or headsets.

Please pay attention to the above precautions when using the hand-rolled piano. If there are other places you want to know, please consult the Konix website Konix best hand-rolled piano factory will bring you all. The best hand roll piano!


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