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Buy hand roll piano needs to pay attention to what issues
Jun 23, 2016

  Some buyers customers don't know much about keyboards, in buying a piano note hand roll piano-only when prices are cheap, but neglected to buy hand roll piano-what is the purpose of, following several areas in need of attention for buyers when purchasing hand roll piano reference:

1, for listening to sound effect

Some hand roll piano crude on the market, sound very sharp sharp, before buying the best can ask to hear sound effects, musical instrument products is the most important, of course, buy does not listen to the sound of musical instruments like the elephant as plausible, if you are shopping, you can also see the product video for business, there is someone to play! If the seller does not provide voice audition, their products are not very confident about yourself. Some sellers will be mistaken identity, products other products sound as their own voices, this circumstance also should pay attention to the distinction to avoid being cheated.

2, the crosstalk problem

Hand roll piano using the process, pressing a key, another key can sound, which means that you only play a key, it will come out for two voices, and regular and irregular, with the hand roll piano piano, no ass playing pop out of tune is a mess.

3, can play chords

So-called chords, is while by 3 a key (or 3 a key above) while vocal, some rolled piano if while by 3 a key or 3 a key above, it will issued 4th a very harsh of sound, because this sound with you by by of 3 a key chords is small two degrees relationship, so issued of sound effects is was to stand very harsh of, long-term accept such of sound effects will will serious effect listening! Method: purchased after harp, 135 chords or a transposition of two: 351 and 513. Note that these three keys at the same time press down out of the sound effects are nicely balanced, if you press these three keys when I heard a loud piercing sound effects indicate that there is a 4th one second of sound, that shows that music does not support playing chords.

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