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Hand roll piano daily use protection
Jun 23, 2016

Protection of the hand roll piano

.Clean hand roll piano soft and clean towels available.

.Hand roll piano roll up right away after use.

.Do not store in a hot and humid place hand roll piano.

.When you do not use hand roll piano, have to remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

.When you use flat hand roll piano, do not put hand roll piano in uneven play, do not move during the playing process roll

.Piano, otherwise it will affect and damage the normal function of the hand roll piano.

.Hand roll piano-roll away after use when not rolled too tight, so as not to damage the normal function of the key and shorten the service life!

.Do not pull or twist the volume hand roll piano keyboard,

.Do not place hand roll piano in hot or humid places.

.Can't split to break up any part of the rolling piano.

.Hand roll piano could not be placed in strong waves, so as not to affect the functionality of hand roll piano.

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