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How to solve the problem of hand roll piano Legato?
Jun 23, 2016

  Hand roll piano-very suitable for beginners, easy to carry, traveling, practicing anytime, resolve consumer piano cost, space, carrying difficulties and other problems. Parts using hand roll piano piano enthusiasts often when such a problem occurs, the LH.

  In order to avoid slurs, give you the following advice:

(1) change the fingers touch the keys parts with the fingertip with soft pads parts independent of touch.

(2) to change the height of the fingers touch the keys, contact key height and finger-wave velocity also has a close relationship, playing finger don't be too close to the key.

(3) change the way touching hard, Legato touch key forms will be greatly reduced, thus played out particles bright voice.

(4) fall from the playing hand in touch and basic technical specifications play an essential role in the key skills, emphasizes the use of arms neutral, keys on the slur by finger alone cannot be avoided.

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