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Konix explains the pitch of the hand-rolled piano
Apr 27, 2018

The pitch of a hand-rolled piano: definition of pitch

There are many sounds that can be felt for our human hearing in nature, but not all sounds can be used as material for music. The  sounds used in music are deliberately chosen by people to express their  own lives and thoughts and feelings in the long-term production  struggle and class struggle. These sounds are organized into a fixed system that expresses music ideas and shapes music images.
The pitch of the hand-rolled piano II: The sound has four properties: height, strength, length, and timbre.

The level of the sound is determined by the number of times (frequency) that the object folds in a certain period of time. The number of vibrations is high and the sound is high; the number of vibrations is small and the sound is low.


The pitch three of a hand-rolled piano: the length of the sound

 It is determined by the difference in the duration of the sound. The duration of the sound is long and the sound is long; the duration of the sound is short and the sound is short.

Hand Pitch Pitch Four: Sound Strength

The strength of the sound is determined by the magnitude of the amplitude (the amplitude of the vibration range of the sound). The amplitude is large and the sound is strong; the amplitude is small and the sound is weak. The timbre is different due to the nature, shape and overtone of the sounding body.

Hand Pitch Pitch Five: Lessons Learned

The  above four properties of sound are very important in music performance,  but the level and length of the sound have more significant  significance. Because  of the rules and irregularities of the vibrational state of the sound,  the sound is divided into two types: musical sound and noise. Most of the music used is music, but noise is also an integral part of music performance. One of the sounds we usually hear is not just a sound, but a combination of many sounds. This sound is called a compound sound. The  generation of compound sounds is due to the fact that the sounding body  (in the case of chords) not only vibrates in its entirety, but also its  parts (half, one-third, quarter..., etc.) vibrate simultaneously. The  sound produced by the vibration of the whole body of the sounding body  is called the fundamental sound, which is the most easily heard sound.  The sound produced by the vibration of each part of the sounding body is  called harmonic. These sounds are not easily heard by our hearing.

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