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Konix Hand Rolling Piano Explains Touch Buttons Must Be Bounced, Want to Learn more?
Apr 20, 2018

An introduction to hand-rolled piano keys

In terms of the pronunciation of hand-rolled pianos, each tone should have a best pronunciation point regardless of its strength or thickness. This point should be more shallow and shallow when touching the key, the power application is mostly small, the speed of the down button should be much faster and slower should be regulated according to the needs of the sound.

 The effect of hand-rolling the piano keyboard on each touch

 No matter what kind of sound, you need to strike the strings by hammers to make the vibrations needed by the sound; if this vibration cannot be pressed, even a deep, continuous sound must accumulate power in the moment of sound to make sounds. Send it as deeply and powerfully as possible to give it the best possible vibration and continuation. In the process of sound continuity, we maintain our emotions, keep our hands steady, and keep our natural weight on the hand-rolled piano keys. We "keep up" on the hand-rolled piano. This feeling is absolutely necessary. But there is only one thing we can't do, that is, after we try to finish the pronunciation, we are exerting power to change the sound that has been sent! On the piano we can only send the sound we hope and pursue in an instant, and the effect of the sound extension is good or bad, because it is decided when we pronounce it. So regardless of the strength of the hand-rolled piano, the sounding point of each sound should feel good when touched. The deep voice naturally should play the piano key "deep"; the decisive voice must be "straight" when touched; the singing voice should make the strings give the best resonance and lengthening; the light voices must be touched.
Cheng Zhong finds its right place, do not press.

Hand roll piano touch key experience summary

The hand-rolled piano must be "played to the point", which is in line with the characteristics of the hand-rolled piano. Finding the best pronunciation point of each sound on the touch key can improve the control ability of the finger, strengthen the precision of the touch of the finger, and increase the grasp of the performance. The most important thing is to improve the effect of the sound and send out a “hand roll piano” sound that truly meets the characteristics of a hand-rolled piano.

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