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Konix Musical Instruments Sharing Handwriting Piano Basics, Want to Know?
Apr 28, 2018

Hand roll piano basics one: melody

Also known as tune, it is a line of sound composed of a certain level, length and strength. It is the most important means of shaping the image of music and is the soul of music.

Hand roll piano basics II: rhythm

The length and relationship of strength and weakness of each sound. Because different levels of sound are also different lengths and different strengths and weaknesses, rhythm must include rhythm.

Hand roll piano basics three: beat

Strong and weak beats are evenly alternating. There are many different combinations of beats, called "tempo", and the normal rhythm follows a certain beat.

Hand roll piano basics four: speed

How fast or slow. In order for the music to accurately express the thoughts and  feelings to be expressed, the work must be sung or played at a certain  speed.


Hand roll piano basics five: strength

The degree of strength. The change of the strength of the sound plays an important role in shaping the image of the music.


Hand roll piano basics 6: Zone

The range of the sound. Different tone sounds have different functions and characteristics when expressing thoughts and feelings.

Hand roll piano basics seven: tone

Different vocals, different musical instruments and different combinations of acoustic features. Through the contrast and change of tone, you can enrich and strengthen the expressiveness of music.

Hand roll piano basics eight: harmonic

  More than two sounds are combined at the same time by certain rules. The  strong and weak chord progression, stability and instability, synergy  and discordantness, and the tendency of instability, discordantness, and  chording for stability and consonant chords constitute a functional  system of harmony. The function of harmony plays a direct role in the strength of strength, the tightness of rhythm, and the size of power. In addition, the harmonic effect of harmony is also the  difference between light and shade and the density of light and dark, so  that the harmony has the effect of rendering color.

Hand roll piano basics nine: mode

From  the melody of the musical composition and the sound of the different  levels of sound used in the harmony, these sounds are related to each  other and maintain a certain tendency. And tonality is the pitch of the center tone (leader) of the tune. In many musical works, the conversion and contrast of tone and  tonality are important methods to reflect changes in atmosphere, color,  mood and image.

Hand Roll Piano Basics 10: Lessons Learned

The ideological content and artistic beauty of a musical composition must be manifested through multiple elements. The various elements of the music language interact with each other and have an ever-changing expression. Although the melody is the soul of music, other elements change, and the music image changes in varying degrees. Under certain conditions, other factors may even play an important role.

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