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Piano is a society of aesthetic education
Jun 23, 2016

  "Happy and virtuous China". There is no doubt that music on a person's personality development and plays an important role in the progress of social civilization. China, as a big piano, learning not only increasing numbers, there are many such as Lang Lang, Yundi Li and other leaders stand out from the competition.

  On February 21, the sixth annual "Asian youth music competition" in Hong Kong ended, total more than from more than 10 countries and regions more than more than 150 piano player took part in the competition. Eventually contest the youth groups, youth groups, children's groups, China work group a, 9 groups of awards such as the two-piano section. As a high-level international competitions, the contest not only provides a communication platform for the players, caused the industry's experts and scholars on the piano education and popularization of music and other popular topics of hot debate.

  Music educator, the contest judges said Chen Zhaoxun, "the current piano is already very high level of development in the country, but the main question is, how to go from amateur to professional, this process also requires more efforts. From the big game player performance, hope that we can work in more in-depth and detailed work. Because the style of music in every age and every period, and each composer in every age has its own style, so detailed expression is very important. Also, music is an abstract art, recommends that each music to improve their cultural accomplishments, read the history of music, to improve the depth and width. "This competition" youth group "the first Hong Kong player admits this, competition track you are doing when you are ready to not only honed technique, pay more attention to the background knowledge of the composer's life and music, understanding deeper, the more his thoughts into one.

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