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Several basic problems of learning piano lovers see
Mar 07, 2016

Here to share with you some beginner piano for children or adults will encounter problems getting started with correct techniques faster and better:

Hand problems

Beginners are most concerned about the issue, in fact, when you reach a certain level do not rigidly adhere to the hand, and cannot have the same hand, hand-always with the melodic changes. And each man finger condition for different learners are not the same, there can be no unity of hands. Overall relaxing nature can support arm-hand is good. For beginners provides specific criteria for------1, playing with your fingertips, finger support arm weight. 2, and Palm in with finger pointed played of premise Xia, as natural stretch (must not shrink to play, if really of holds with eggs, hand on will shrink up, recommends with ball or Apple, such will better, because eggs too small) 3, and wrist flat, makes arm Shang of power can smooth of passed to fingertips Shang, wrist low will blocking this passed, led finger no weight can support, (beginners) wrist too high will effect finger of activities capacity (directly effect lift refers to). 4, the position of the hands on the keyboard is being, that is, fingers and keys should be parallel to the direction of growth, fingers touch the keys and keys in the direction perpendicular to the surface at or near vertical. Process will vary, but should keep at least down to the shape. (This will often be ignored) 5, elbows out slightly, and don't hold the body, this can be seen from the back. Out the elbow clip or work too, the whole hand back crooked. 6, sitting or passing mention. Sitting on the bench at the half, about two feet on the piano next to the pedal, foot part to supporting body weight.

Second, the staccato

Staccato playing methods can be divided into fingers staccato staccato, staccato wrist and forearm. Staccato finger for staccato single notes, is basically to finger their own muscle power play, like a chicken pecking at rice. Wrist staccato is generally used for more lightweight dual-tone, chords or octaves, as if with a wrist shot the ball movement. Forearm broken played for strong big of chords or eight degrees (non-broken played of fast strong chords and eight degrees is with this method, slow speed chords or eight degrees, is with put arm down to of method played, that lift up forearm and wrist, finger natural sagging, away from key more near or posted key, then soothing and thick of down to), at wrist quite strong, cannot relax, * forearm of action completed played. Direction of play should wash clothes on a washboard-like forward below, instead of vertical from top to bottom, this feels like an elbow as a pivot, or can't do it quickly.

Third, about the practice

Many fast songs, had to slow practice, but "fast movement" slow practice. That each action such as wearing pointed to shrink and so on are done very quickly, but the distance between sound and sound opened. Every note should have advance was prepared in advance, was talking about the sound has sound-ready for the next pose, or fingers ready on the sound, it tends to cause choppy, uneven. Easy mistake part practice alone. Nothing else. Another point is that playing scales or a series of arpeggios, thumb often sound will be very abrupt, dazhi in touch to convergence, first to feel psychologically it's a big drop, is a complete sentence in uniform, do not put it to pieces.

Four, on the wrist.

Suddenly thought this is quite important, because most problems. Wrist to remain stable, it is already a cliché topic. But students often do wrist play, is the fingers do not leave the keys or key is close to pressed keys through active up and down movements of the wrist. This should be one of the most bad habits, a great influence on the future development. So be sure to take note of this bad habit. But when there is the * wrist staccato playing, you should know the difference between the two: wrist staccato wrist is not moving, just relax, and throughout the Palm up and down movements, fingers from the keys; and this initiative is wrist fluctuates. Addition is also to make it clear, wrist is not up and down movement, but should have to make left and right turns, especially in large span of wear or when, be sure to use left and right movement of the wrist, wrist acts as the steering wheel of the car.

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