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The difference between piano and electric piano
Jun 23, 2016


1.electric pianos and pianos have 88 keys.

2.electric pianos and piano have force-feedback

3.same as their number pedal, look at the picture you can see mode makes no difference, unless you have a very high professional level, novices generally do not feel out of this difference.

5.piano and electric piano sound was from a real piano sound, so there is no distinction of any kind, from the above four aspects as well as pictures of the same, both are using keyboard instruments, there is no play on the differences in learning.

  Differences and advantages and disadvantages: principle, electric piano is electronic 7,000 sensing sound. Piano using a mechanical hammer against the string vibrates in the air medium sounds.

2.handle: electric piano, feel softer, despite being the weight, but for young people, it is still very light, sometimes bad master, record, they were tragic. Often music was recorded as hard as iron. But every piano is the same for all, without distinction of any kind, there will not be much different. Piano, piano has too many factors, and environmental temperature, humidity, temperature and music is related to the material, even if it is a manufacturer, a brand, a type of music, each is different! Can say that a piano is a tempered, even on the same line of the piano, is light weight, and the tone is completely different. We can say that the world has perfect two exactly the same electric piano, there is no perfect two tone feel exactly the same texture of piano.

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