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Up to the children to learn a musical instrument
Mar 07, 2016

Children till about four or five years old, a lot of MOM and dad began to consider not to allow children to learn a musical instrument. In fact is not a very easy thing to learn musical instruments, if you decide to let the children go to school, you must be prepared, such as economy, energy-giving.

Let them learn first to solve is to buy musical instruments, musical instruments in current market has hundreds of cheap, medium probably thousands of your tens of thousands have. If a child just starting to learn when the average person will select secondary instrument, the sound quality is also good, looks not too harsh, well, the price is right. Buying musical instruments, also has investments, will not be easily stopped, or is a waste. Down, spending money like water. Class fee, beginner, learn more, teach simple charge cheaper, a lesson at least twenty or thirty, as many as eighty or ninety, one week at a time, it seemed affordable. Later, classes into smaller classes, teacher becomes a teacher, the money also goes up. Of course, by this time, children also learn some level, parents are reluctant to stop, then you have to bite on. Just keep on learning, not in one or two days, was not a year for two years. At the end, examination, performance, competition, are spending only when parent is numb, head in, cares about the ears? spend more money also can recognize!

Spending on energy. Each lesson of the shuttle does not have to say, many children piano, class will run on half of the city, will spend hours on the road. Beginner child due to age, poor, almost all parents need to accompany the parents actually tutor, not only to help kids music, kids listen to you first learn, home to guide him. Some children grow up slowly, has been based, insight strong, eliminating the need for parents to accompany. But the child's nature is fun, back home how to ensure enough practice it? only parents urged. In many cases, practice issues, is like a long war between children and parents, on a daily basis.

So learn a musical instrument, is really the future is very bright, the road is a winding. Always hold the best hope of their children parents, saw the children carrying musical instruments to go to class, learning to learn, then plays the song, their own children are not stupid, so what? Not be reconciled, also want their children to learn a foreign, more artistic, and enhanced competitiveness. But really, just know it's not easy, there are not many who can hold down.

Piano I know some children, bought the piano at home, playing sick a few times, started forcing parents to learn, then push or push out, really can't continue, piano is the one device. Had spent so much money now, not touch, to help parents looking bored.

So learn to learn a musical instrument, the most important thing is to respect a child's wish, children really enjoy.

Then again came back, children often don't really know their own likes. Maybe he does like, clamoring to make and the piano, but you can't teach a few times, enthusiasm, interest, and he does not like, the child's nature is so, no wonder he was.

If it has been found that the child does not like, then do? or decisively stopped, don't spend money. Or encourage him, arouse interest, with the will to adhere to. One thing to do for a long time, Cook, will also have feelings, even if it is not very much, keep on learning, slowly will find fun.

Key is the attitude of parents, parents ' expectations. Music was indeed need talent, I do not have in-depth experience in the matter, after Lelouch drums, because often go to see him, more and more experience. The students in the same class, the starting point is the same, the curriculum is the same, but it is not the case, more to learn, more different. Therefore, child piano, parents hold the kind of purpose, it is important that, if students, for fun, that's fine, you can learn at any time, and can be stopped at any time, also does not have to learn to what extent. If it is for future development in music, or in order to test, plus for school choice, the child is hard, parents also suffer.

Practicing without bitter, with or without interest, no pain no gain, it is a simple truth, every child, every parent, at the time of registration, when you touch a musical instrument for the first time, you should be prepared.

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