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Why hand roll piano ring for no reason?
Jun 23, 2016

  Here to give you an answer today, hand roll piano sound, is more of the following problems:

1, before my hand roll piano well, normal. Why the recent keys sound, I didn't press the keys at the same time sound also occurs there is and the Association's voice.

2, Qin at the computer, they have yet to play (or just play a few keys) heard the piano she was ringing.

3, I had just bought and sold, in store there also tried all the normal (or online buying has just received the goods had not tried is not normal.

4, more directly at the computer or power direct chaos rings, do not have their own bomb; and so on a series of issues.

  In fact, this problem is easy to explain. The biggest culprit: "static electricity".

1, turn off the dry winter weather prone to static electricity, hand roll piano is the appearance of silica gel, silica gel film in the middle. If the factory is not static, hand roll piano boards without static appears sound.

2, and your customer's environment also matters. If you're just on static-prone areas the product will be guided into the static electricity, also caused chaos.

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