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2015 International Piano Festival Ya Award In Shanghai
Jun 23, 2016

  2015 China International Piano Festival ya stars in the press conference was held today in Shanghai Pullman Hotel duly convened. Mr Tang Zhe, President of the piano of the Shanghai Musicians Association professional Committee, Shanghai Musicians Association professional Committee of piano, Secretary General, Mary Baker, Helen piano art education investments Ltd, Helen Director Chen Chaofeng, the Organizing Committee of China International Piano Festival ya award general planning yinjun and co-organised by the parties represented at the Conference.

  2015 China (Boya Boya) International Piano Festival by the Chinese international piano festival "Boya" hosted by the Organizing Committee of the major international art events of the year, and will become China's high-level operating-level event in the art world. Festival invites the members of the race Committee and the Organizing Committee are the piano, dance, instrumental music and other international leading experts in the field of art/artists, are to undergo a rigorous selection and enjoy high credibility in the industry an excellent representative, lays the whole authority of China International Piano Festival.

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