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Electronic Percussion Instrument From 0 Start Allows You To Easily Learn To Drum
Jun 23, 2016

  Drum is one of the most outstanding in the percussion instruments, which formed in the 1940 of the 20th century, including the different types, different tones of foot and hand percussion instrument percussion instrument. To meet different melody in the high and low demand, mainly with rhythm instruments in popular music. But because of its high cost, prices ranging from tens of thousands of to hundreds of thousands of, and carry carry very inconvenient, cause a lot of people who want to learn drums but gave up.

  Went and left huixing Portable drum, small size, light weight, easy to carry, eliminating the cumbersome installation steps, out of the bag can be used directly, various small ensembles fully competent, at home is the perfect tool to practice outside!

Kehui Portable drum kit sound realistic, inspiring. Built-in high quality drum synths, thickening of the standard drum set, dual foot pedal function, bring you real drums enjoyment, bring their own professional demo, a variety of music, you can freely adjust speed, is your best partner to learn, plus you can plug in the power supply charging treasures such as power supply, no longer have to worry about going out without trouble. Audio inputs and outputs, and superior scalability. Volume is very small, a packet can hold down, loved by the majority of fans.

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