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Hand Roll Piano-88 Keys And 61-key What Is The Difference?
Jun 23, 2016

  Many parents want their children to have a hobby, from an early age, children's temperament, for children to learn to play the piano. But the piano is too expensive and take up less space and home if the kids don't like it? Many parents choose to give their children purchase a hand roll piano, especially now that winter is coming, prepare for a new year's gift to the child, home or to go out to play, you can take, to practice anytime. When parents give their children to buy hand roll piano will have such a doubt, what is good what to buy 88 key, or buy a 61-key is good? Small series to introduce below 88-key hand roll piano and piano 61 keys roll the difference!

  88-keys hand roll piano is in accordance with the Piano 1: Il design, more professional, if requirements are relatively high, children have some basis can choose to hand roll piano 88 keys of the piano. Hand roll piano 61 keys is based less on the piano keys 2 scales, number of keys, but if demand is not high, are enough to play for the music, for beginners, training hobby, practice fingering is fully covered.

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