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Hand Roll Piano Has Swept The World, Don't You Know That The Word Is OUT
Jun 23, 2016

  Hand roll piano is the most recent new products, hand roll piano had been United States the times named one of the most fascinating inventions. It is the earliest Yamano introduced a collapsible keyboard called the "hand roll piano" (Hand Roll Piano). To silicone for keys material, it has 49/61/88 a keys, weight is 1 kg around, can said is both thin and light, can rolled up collection, very convenient carry, for music lovers for, holiday travel, essential artifact, rolled piano built-in has many demonstrates song, and timbre, and rhythm, can said actually is a Taiwan rolled electronic piano, rolled piano using 4 section 5th, battery and lithium battery, also can through power adapter received Exchange electric with. In addition to have a headset (external audio) socket, but also have a MIDI output terminals, for computer editing, so it is very easy to carry to play. Its small size, but also solve the ills of the ordinary piano occupies too much space.

  As a new fashion products, loved by the vast numbers of young people.Somedays ago Elva Hsiao new album I love I issued, held "Elva Hsiao I love I Many Xmas" new song concert, because Elva Hsiao will in concert Shang since play since sing new song be brave, show Luo yesterday exploration class Shi on sent started volume type electric piano: "I know Elva Hsiao will in concert Shang performances piano, to she rolled electric piano, hope she in car Shang or, notices Shi are can practice. ” 

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