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How To Choose A Right Hand Roll Piano
Jun 23, 2016

 Hand roll piano with its traditional characteristics of piano portable, low price, to the market, more and more training courses to hand roll piano the piano instead of the traditional piano instruction. Hand roll piano debut in major exhibitions frequently, people are getting to know the hand roll piano, a new product. But many small workshops because the technology is not mature, and hand roll piano material defects, making hand roll piano problems. As a consumer, how do we pick out a hand roll piano to make you satisfied with it?

  Function: the function of the hand roll piano, price is not the same. Choose according to their purpose and scope are appropriate, and to verify that all functions of the actual effect.

Sensitivity: higher sensitivity of electronic and mechanical action.

Pitch: this hand roll piano is an important indicator of quality, pitch identification instrument available when purchasing a musical instrument store for testing.

Tone: the tone should be beautiful, deep bass, and treble brighter. Hand roll piano is generally has at least six analog sound and automatic percussion feature, also with automatic chord with his system.

  In addition, purchase hand roll piano note that exterior decoration, power and keyboard, and so on.Last small consumers ' awareness: good hand roll piano feel no true piano, if it is in pursuit of a perfect feel and sound of real steel, existing hand roll piano simply cannot meet the market. If hand roll piano practice harmony, practice your chords, practice your fingering, and even practice your listening comprehension, for training children to develop interest in outing casual play is a good choice.

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