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In October 8, 2014 The Beijing Musical Instrument Products Exhibition
Mar 07, 2016

In 2012, the industry in China, the market size of more than 40 billion yuan, is the second consecutive year exceed United States as the world's largest musical instrument market. Relying on growing economic strength, cultural consumption and related policies, China is to form a production and marketing, music education and the performing arts and entertainment interactive promotion of the three musical instruments market. Expected by 2020, the size of the market in China will reach 100 billion yuan. China has become an important instrument in the world production and consumption power.

Art collection of Chinese music in Beijing is not only China's political center, but also a cultural center. In this city, not only brings together the National Symphony Orchestra, National Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Ballet of country size, music and art groups, and world-famous Central Conservatory of music and Chinese Conservatory of the two major musical institutions of higher and various national normal school, art college. Beijing is China's largest number of folk band city, held every year in this strawberry, MIDI, Le Gu and other large music festivals and concerts, dance performances, ranking first in the country.

Beijing international musical instrument exhibition will be held on August 29, 2014 2014 at the opening of the Beijing agricultural exhibition center will welcome your visit.









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