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Konix Explains The Difference Between Hand-rolled Electronic Drums And Traditional Drums
Apr 20, 2018

It may be that for many people, only knowing that there is a difference between hand-rolled electronic drums and traditional drum kits, but the difference may be unclear. Next, Ke Huixing will give you a detailed analysis of hand-rolled electronic drums and traditional drum kits. the difference.


The hand-rolled electronic drum is actually a signal receiving processor, which is an inevitable result of the development of technology. The drum is a very traditional percussion instrument.

Analyze from convenience

Ordinary drums are bulky and inconvenient to carry. The hand-rolled electronic drum is small and easy to carry.

Analyze from applicability

Because of the volume problem, traditional drum kits are too large to control the overall volume of the strike volume. Compared to traditional drums, the hand-rolled electronic drum has many drum sounds suitable for theatrical performance. It can also select and quickly change more interesting sounds. At the same time, the electronic drum can freely adjust the volume and use earphones to achieve better performance. Exercise effect.

Analysis from price

   The only drawback to hand-rolling an electronic drum is that it is expensive. Without a certain economic foundation, it may not be able to support you for a long time using a good electronic drum. Traditional drums are a little cheaper.

Kehuixing is the best hand-rolled electronic drum manufacturer in China. We will analyze it here today. If you need more information about hand-rolled electronic drums, please consult

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