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Konix Explains The Specific Functions Of Hand-rolled Electronic Drum For You
Apr 10, 2018

Konix, a leader in educational intelligence products for early childhood education, currently has two flagship products, hand-rolled pianos and hand-rolled electronic drums. It has a vast user base in China and has won the trust of customers. Today, Kehuixing is here for you. Details the function of the hand-rolled electronic drum.


1. Konix Hidden Electronic Drum has the most standard set of drumheads and multi-function interface, in addition to being able to bring you the most authentic drum set feel but also bring you electronic sound effects that traditional drums do not have.


2. Konix electronic drum has its own recording function. If you have inspiration, it can be recorded for you at any time. Bring your own accompaniment, you can adjust the rhythm you want, you can not do without learning and contact.


3. Konix  Hing Roll Electronic Drum comes with a multi-function interface that can connect computers, audio, and television.


4. Konix  Hand Roll Electronic Drum is simple and easy to carry.


5. Konix hand roll electronic drum a variety of power supply, battery / USB / DC three ways.

With regard to the function of Konix Hand Roll Electronic Drum, is it not clear that you have a lot of it? If you want to know Konix hand-rolled piano, you can consult the official website of

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