Konix Smart Electronic Keyboard

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Konix Smart Electronic Keyboard

Whether I am an audio equipment enthusiast or a music lover, music occupies a large part of my spiritual world, from classical to jazz, from pop to indie, from hard rock to post rock, there is a kind of music in every genre. It has a unique charm, but no matter what type of music it is, it is inseparable from one musical instrument – the piano. When I was in junior high school, I also tried to learn the guitar, but because of lack of perseverance, I didn’t persevere. I bought a mobile phone with the money from selling the guitar, and finally embarked on a digital road of no return.

Until later, I came into contact with more and more audio equipment, and my understanding of the types of music became more and more in-depth. Slowly, it is not too much to say that music has become my spiritual food. Today, I got a smart electronic organ, the Konix smart electronic organ. After playing with it, my passion for learning musical instruments was rekindled. Today, I will talk to you about my use of this smart electronic organ. The feeling of the electronic organ.

Use experience:

For an electronic organ, the most important thing is the feel. The most important thing about an electronic organ is the feel. When I got started, I had a good impression on it. The damping and rebounding strength of the keys were very comfortable and elastic. Although I’m not a professional pianist, at least it gave me a desire to play.



The surface treatment of the keyboard keys is also excellent. Although the keys are made of plastic polishing, the feel and gloss of the keyboard are relatively close to the traditional piano, including the rounded corners, which are also made according to the traditional piano. Yes, the workmanship is nothing to be picky about.

Like all the friends who bought the electronic keyboard and just got it, they all want to try it out, practice a great song as soon as possible, and play it to friends and family members. I am no exception. After opening and installing it, I am also very excited. But when ten fingers are placed on the keys, they are at a loss.



Because Konix has always been focusing on learning the piano from scratch, this smart electronic piano is no exception. Like other smart electronic pianos, an APP can be installed to connect the electronic piano, and the iPad or mobile phone can communicate with the electronic piano through Bluetooth, mainly through the electronic piano. Play the sound, and then learn with the screen and piano score of the iPad or mobile phone.

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