Konix PE49C 49-Key Kid’s Piano

Exploring the World of Music

In the journey of a child’s growth, music plays a vital role. It not only cultivates their aesthetic sensibilities but also contributes to the development of intelligence and creativity. To cater to this need, the Konix brand introduces their latest product – the PE49C 49 Key Kids Piano. This piano, with its rich features and user-friendly design, offers children an excellent opportunity to explore the world of music.


Design and Features


The Konix PE49C children’s piano is a beautifully designed instrument equipped with standard 49 keys, allowing children to effortlessly master the basic knowledge of scale. Moreover, it boasts 128 different tones, allowing kids to experiment with various sound effects and thus sparking their creativity. The inclusion of 14 demo songs provides children with learning and imitation opportunities, aiding their understanding of rhythm and melody.

This piano also features recording and playback functionality, empowering kids to record their musical compositions and play them back at any time. This not only enhances their confidence but also nurtures their interest in music. Additionally, the Konix PE49C comes with chord and sustain functions, enabling children to create more diverse and vibrant musical pieces.


Smart Features and Convenience


To cater to the needs of children even better, the Konix PE49C piano comes with a smart sleep function. After a child stops playing for 3 minutes, the smart sleep feature automatically activates. This not only prolongs the battery life but also contributes to energy conservation. LED indicator lights provide user guidance, allowing children to easily comprehend the current operational status.


Volume and Connectivity Options


The Konix PE49C 49 Key Kids Piano is equipped with volume and power control features, enabling children to set the appropriate volume according to their preferences and the environment. Additionally, the piano is equipped with built-in speakers and also supports external headphones or speakers. This flexibility allows children to enjoy music privately or share it with family and friends.



The Konix PE49C 49-Key Kid’s Piano opens the gateway to the world of music for children. With its rich features and convenient design, it provides children with opportunities to explore music, cultivate interests, and develop creativity. Whether they are beginners or children with some musical background, they can find enjoyment and inspiration in this instrument. Let’s support children’s musical journey, starting with the Konix PE49C piano!