Konix New Product WF01 Wireless Transceiver

Konix New Product WF01 Wireless Transceiver: Unleash the Sound Freedom

As technology continues to evolve, the music industry is also undergoing significant changes. Konix, a tech company dedicated to the world of music, introduces a groundbreaking product, the Konix WF01 Wireless Transceiver. This product not only liberates musicians from the constraints of cables but also offers outstanding audio quality, allowing performers to showcase their musical talents freely.

Wireless Transmission
The Konix WF01 is a wireless transceiver that effortlessly transmits audio signals from musical instruments to sound systems, eliminating the hassle of wired connections. This means musicians can move freely on stage, enhancing their interaction with the audience.

Low Power Transmission
To ensure reliable wireless transmission, the WF01’s transmit power is less than 25 mW. This not only extends battery life but also reduces the risk of electromagnetic interference.

High Reception Sensitivity
The Konix WF01 boasts exceptional reception sensitivity, with a rating of -95 dB, capturing and reproducing fine audio signal details, providing a high-quality music experience.

Wide System Frequency Response
With a system frequency response ranging from 30 Hz to 18 KHz, the WF01 ensures comprehensive audio coverage, faithfully reproducing everything from deep bass drums to soaring guitar riffs.

Low Latency
Latency is less than 3 milliseconds, ensuring that musicians have real-time control over their performance without worrying about transmission delays affecting their playing quality.

High Sampling Rate
The WF01 operates at a 48 KHz sampling rate, ensuring faithful audio signal reproduction, making music more vibrant.

High Signal-to-Noise Ratio
With a signal-to-noise ratio of 90 dB, music remains clear and interference-free.

Low Distortion
Distortion is less than 0.5% THD, ensuring the purity of the music performance without any loss in quality.

Wide Dynamic Range
The WF01 offers a dynamic range greater than 90 dB, capturing subtle differences in audio signals to bring your music to life.

Low Working Current
During operation, the transmitter draws less than 90 mA, and the receiver uses less than 110 mA, ensuring extended battery life for extended performances.

Transmission Distance
The WF01 provides a transmission distance of up to 50 meters in a straight line, allowing musicians to perform freely over a larger area.

Suitable for Various Instruments
The Konix WF01 is suitable for a wide range of instruments, including electric guitars, electric pianos, electric bass, and electric wind instruments. Whether you’re into rock, pop, or classical music, this versatile wireless transceiver will be your musical ally, helping you better express your musical emotions.


The Konix WF01 Wireless Transceiver offers unprecedented freedom and flexibility for musicians while maintaining exceptional audio quality. This product is not only the ideal companion for live music performances but also an essential tool for recording and music composition. Whether you’re a professional musician or an amateur enthusiast, the Konix WF01 will become your musical ally, helping you express your musical emotions more effectively.