Konix MD862B Hand Roll Drum with Built-in Speaker & Bluetooth – A Musical Marvel

Konix MD862B Hand Roll Drum with Built-in Speaker & Bluetooth – A Musical Marvel

In the world of music, innovation continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The Konix MD862B Hand Roll Drum with Built-in Speaker & Bluetooth is a testament to this trend. This remarkable instrument not only provides the quintessential drumming experience but also seamlessly integrates modern technology to cater to the evolving needs of musicians. Let’s dive into the multifaceted features of this musical marvel.

Play with Speaker or Headphone: The Konix MD862B offers flexibility in audio output. You can choose to play your beats through the built-in speaker for a room-filling experience or switch to headphones for private jam sessions, ensuring that music can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Up to 9 Pads, Including Bass Drum, Tom, Snare, Hi-Hat, and Crash Cymbal: With a variety of pads at your disposal, the MD862B lets you explore a broad spectrum of sounds, from deep bass to crisp cymbal crashes, opening up a world of musical possibilities.


Built-in Rhythms and Demo Songs: The Konix MD862B comes loaded with a range of rhythms and demo songs to inspire your creativity. Whether you’re practicing or composing, these built-in elements will be your trusted companions.

7 Different Drum Styles: Delve into a rich tapestry of drumming styles with the seven unique drum patterns included. From rock to jazz, this drum kit covers a wide array of musical genres.

Two Foot Pedals Included: Enhance your drumming expressiveness with the two included foot pedals. These pedals allow you to mimic real hi-hat and bass drum effects, adding depth to your performance.

MP3 Input for Mobile Accompaniment: Connect the Konix MD862B to your mobile device through MP3 input and use it as an accompaniment for your practice or performances. Expand your repertoire and create music on your terms.

Micro USB Port with Rechargeable Lithium Battery: This drum kit is designed with convenience in mind. It can be powered through a Micro USB port and is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, sparing you the hassle of frequent battery changes.

Adjustable Volume and Tempo: Tailor your drumming experience to your liking by adjusting both volume and tempo. This customization ensures that your music is always in tune with your mood and style.

Bluetooth Speaker Connectivity: The Konix MD862B takes it a step further with Bluetooth connectivity. It can easily connect to your Bluetooth speaker, expanding the sound possibilities and allowing you to perform without the constraints of wires.

In conclusion, the Konix MD862B Hand Roll Drum with Built-in Speaker & Bluetooth is a groundbreaking musical instrument. It empowers musicians, from beginners to professionals, with a plethora of features that cater to their diverse needs. Its portability, versatility, and integration of Bluetooth technology make it a top choice for modern musicians. Break free from the constraints of traditional drumming and embrace the limitless possibilities of this musical marvel. Create, perform, and inspire with the Konix MD862B.