Konix PH61C: Your Gateway to Musical Creativity

Meet the Konix PH61C, a 61-key electronic keyboard that opens the door to a world of musical exploration. With its versatile features and user-friendly design, this instrument is a gateway for both beginners and seasoned musicians.

The PH61C boasts a complete set of 61 keys, including black keys, providing a comprehensive playing experience. Dive into a vast sound palette with 129 tones, 128 rhythms, and 30 demo songs that cater to various musical styles.

Experience plug-and-play convenience with hot-plug functionality, eliminating the need for drivers. Simply connect and play. The digital display, master volume control key, and tempo control key ensure effortless navigation and control.

Unlock advanced functionalities such as dynamics control, Transpose, Synchro, recording capabilities, full-fingered and reset functions, dual voice, dual keyboard, and Bluetooth MIDI. Explore your musical creativity with ease.

Record and edit your music through software, offering a seamless way to capture and refine your compositions. Save and revisit your musical creations effortlessly.

All functions are easily accessible through the keys, thanks to the user-friendly design. The Type C interface enhances connectivity for smooth operation.

Immerse yourself in your music with the built-in double speakers. Alternatively, enjoy the flexibility of external headphones or loudspeakers for personal or shared listening experiences.

Power the PH61C with convenience using USB 5V (adapter included), ensuring extended playtime. Rest assured with certifications including CE and RoHS, reflecting the instrument’s commitment to quality and safety.

In conclusion, the Konix PH61C is more than just a keyboard; it’s an invitation to embark on a musical journey. With its rich features and user-friendly design, the PH61C empowers musicians to explore, create, and express themselves effortlessly. Elevate your musical experience with the Konix PH61C.