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Market Trends and Factories of Folding Piano: Konix in Guangdong

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, music art has received increasing attention and praise. As one of the important carriers of music art, the demand for pianos in the market has also shown a steady growth trend. However, traditional pianos are bulky, occupy a lot of space, and are inconvenient […]

🌟 Welcome to Hong Kong Electronics Fair! 🌟

🌟 Welcome to Hong Kong Electronics Fair! 🌟 πŸš€ Explore Future Tech, Experience Innovation! πŸš€ πŸ“… Event Dates: April 13th-16th, 2024 πŸ“ Booth No.: 5G-D13 πŸ” Leading innovations from the realm of technology, all at Konix Technology Limited’s booth! πŸ’‘ Discover the latest products, unlock unprecedented smart living experiences! 🌐 Network with industry elites, foster […]

πŸŽ‰ Invitation to the 135th Canton Fair! πŸŽ‰

Join Konix Technology Limited at the world-renowned Canton Fair for an unforgettable experience in exploring the latest innovations in electronics! πŸ“… Event Dates: April 15th-19th, 2024 πŸ“ Booth No.: 8.1I07 at Canton Fair (Phase 1: Electronics) πŸ” Discover cutting-edge electronic products, connect with industry leaders, and explore endless business opportunities! πŸ’‘ Witness the future of […]

Konix EWI Factory: Empowering Beginners to Explore the Beauty of Music

In the vast ocean of music, various instruments shine like stars, and the recorder, as one of the representatives of modern music, is deeply loved by numerous music enthusiasts for its unique tone and flexible playing style. Among the many recorder brands, Konix Recorder Source Factory has become the first choice for beginners and professional […]

Hand Roll Electronic Piano, the Rising Star in the Children’s Electronic Piano Market

With the increasing prosperity of global trade and the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, more and more merchants are searching for potential blue ocean products. Against this backdrop, the hand roll electronic piano, with its unique charm and market prospects, has become the rising star in the children’s electronic piano market. As the origin factory […]

Is Foldable Piano Suitable for Children’s Learning?

In today’s rapidly advancing era of technology and constantly evolving educational concepts, children’s music education is undergoing unprecedented changes. The foldable piano, as an emerging form of musical instrument, is gradually entering people’s field of vision, especially favored by parents and children. So, is the foldable piano really suitable for children’s learning? Let’s explore together. […]

Folding Piano Factory Supports Wholesale by Piece

Konix Folding Piano Factory is a professional enterprise specializing in the production of folding pianos, with independent research and manufacturing capabilities. As a large-scale manufacturer, if you are looking to wholesale folding pianos, you can choose our factory for procurement. We support wholesale by piece, meaning we allow customers to purchase a single product directly […]

Chinese Folding Piano Factory Contact Informationβ€”β€”konix

  Factory Address: 76 Baijia Road, Li Heng Village, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province Office Address: Building 2, Yufeng Industrial Park, Shangtang, Minzhi Sub-District, Longhua New District, Shenzhen Tel: +86-755-29822103 Fax: +86-755-29822153 Email: sales@konixtech.com Skype ID: szkonix06 Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18565621118 Welcome to visit our factory for on-site inspection, supporting ODM/OEM. The folding piano is […]

Comparison between Electric Wind Instrument and Traditional Flute for Elderly Peopleβ€”β€”Brief Description of Guangdong Konix Production Factory

Among numerous musical instruments, the electric wind instrument has gradually gained popularity among elderly people due to its unique charm. Not only is the electric wind instrument easy to learn, but it also offers a rich variety of tones, adding endless joy to the musical lives of the elderly. At the same time, the traditional […]

Folding Piano: The Perfect Balance of Portability and Performance

With the advancement of technology and people’s pursuit of musical life, the folding piano, as a new type of musical instrument, has gradually emerged in recent years. It not only continues to innovate in function and design but also brings unprecedented convenience and comfort to the user experience. So, what is the charm of the […]