Portable Electronic Drum Kit

portable electronic drum kit

This is a very lightweight electronic drum kit, which is small and portable, easy to use, and very suitable for children to practice.


The reason why I chose this brand is because I have tested their hand-rolled pianos before, and the quality is very good, so this time I still choose his hand-rolled drums. Therefore, brand recognition comes from the quality of the product itself. If something is not good, no one will buy it back.



The back of the outer box is the instruction manual. In fact, the operation of this product is very simple, and most of them are auxiliary functions, that is, playing demo songs, playing accompaniment, etc., and can also record and play again, and the functions are relatively comprehensive.



This Konix portable hand-rolled electronic drum is completely designed according to the layout of the drum. The drum is a jazz drum, which is a very important percussion instrument in a jazz band. It usually consists of a bass drum (Bass Drum, also known as “” Kick Drum”), a snare, two or more toms (Tom-Tom Drum), one or two Crash Cymbal, a Ride Cymbal, and a Hi-Hat with Pedal (Hi-Hat) -Hat) and other components. The distribution of the drum surface is also the same, so that it is convenient to practice closer to the real drum kit.


The advantage of portable hand-rolled electronic drums is that they are light and compact, and can be bent at a certain angle. It can be felt as some contacts similar to traditional keyboards. When the drum surface is struck, it will be triggered to produce sound.



The professional version of the drum has speakers, and also has many functions, such as playing the built-in accompaniment and DEMO, recording and playback, etc., and it is also easy to adjust the volume. This speaker works pretty well, and the sound is very loud. If you are not satisfied, there is a row of ports on the side, among which there are ports that can be connected to external speakers, and the charging port is also here.


In terms of sound, the Konix portable hand-rolled electronic drum is actually as close as possible to the real drum sound, but after all, it is an electronic sound, which will not be the same as the real drum sound, but as a product for practice, especially it is so small and does not occupy much space. The space is really suitable!