88 Key Roll Up Piano

88 Key Roll Up Piano

88 Key Roll Up Piano

I’ve always wanted to learn piano because it sounds crisp and healing. No matter how difficult it is, I feel that I can listen to it and feel calm. Well, chicken soup is here, let’s talk about the newly acquired Anysen portable hand-rolled piano.


In addition to the hand-rolled piano, there is an extension pedal, a storage bag, a piano manual, and a USB charging cable.



It is very convenient for beginners to roll up the piano, and it is about the size of a bento. Even if you rent a house or live in a school, you can take it with you when traveling. It doesn’t take up any space at home, just roll it up after use.


1:1 restore piano, 88 keys, the sound is very bright, you can adjust the volume by turning the knob next to it. If you don’t want to disturb your family during practice, you can bring headphones. The frame of the headphones is made of cotton. It is relatively soft and will not hurt your ears after wearing it for a long time.


It has 128 kinds of timbres. At the beginning, I got a big oolong. How come it is a guitar sound? It turns out that its timbre can be adjusted, including grand piano, electric piano, carillon, music box, guitar, accordion, etc. timbre~



The piano keys are made of silicone, which is dust-proof and waterproof. Every time you store it, use the keys to roll the main unit inside to prevent it from falling.


The LCD display can display the color tone number (000 is the sound of a grand piano), display the rhythm, notes, and the corresponding keyboard played. The basic functions of piano practice can be seen above.